Physiology Labs

Experiments are conducted using video and/or audio stimuli – film, television, news, advertisements, public service announcements, websites, social media, games, music, radio, text, etc.  Subjects view stimuli on computer monitors, large-screen TV’s, or mobile devices as called for in the experiments. Stimulus presentation can be time-locked to physiological data collection to track moment-by-moment responses to media.

Psychophysiological measures include:

  • Heart Rate (ECG) to index attention given to media
  • Skin Conductance (EDA) to index excitement/arousal in response to media
  • Facial Muscle activity (EMG) to index emotional response to media
  • Eye Tracking to index focal points and fixations
  • Brainwave activity (EEG) to index brain region activation in response to media
  • Facial Coding to index 7 discrete emotions in response to media
  • Startle Reflex to measure human defensive system activation in response to media

Hardware/software in the physiology labs includes: