Other Resources

  • Perception Analyzer is a portable 30-dial system to collect individuals’ moment-by-moment ratings of live or media presentations, and responses to questions in real time, for groups (up to 30).  The system provides immediate feedback and display of data analysis.
  • X-Box 360 Game Console is available for researchers interested in single-player video game experience studies.
  • SnapStream is a tool for content analysis research.  Like a DVR, it can capture multiple TV stations across multiple days/shows/times.  Video and  closed-caption transcripts can then be downloaded and searched by topic or term for coding and analysis.
  • Video camera observation technology is provided in the Focus Group and Interview rooms.
  • MPlus is a statistical modeling program that provides researchers with a flexible tool to analyze their data.
  • Software programs MediaLab and DirectRT are also capable of gathering cognitive psychological data using methodologies such as secondary-task reaction time (STRT), continuous response measurement (CRM) and the Implicit Association Test (IAT).
  • The ICR also provides MAXQDA Analytics Pro software, a tool for qualitative, quantitative and statistical data analysis research.