Current Research


Expectation about Reciprocity/Media-Related Internships

John Velez, Seung Woo Chae, Robert F. Potter

Social Bots Perception Study

Harry Yan, James Shanahan

Natural Resource Communication – Indigenous Audiences Project

Ryan Comfort


Assessment of Models in Magazine Ads

Glenna L. Read, Robert F. Potter, Madelyn Potter, Elisabeth Dunn, Sharon Mayell, Mona Malacane Clay

Ratings of Basketball Games

Jingjing Han, Annie Lang

Doin’ It For The Culture: Defining Blackness, Culture, & Identity on Black Twitter

Katrina Overby, Radhika Parameswaran

Facebook and Privacy

Allison Brown

The Gift of Friendship: Farmville 2’s Effect on Prosocial Behavior

Kristin Linder, Bryant Paul

Framing Refugees: Broadcast News & Audience Perceptions of National Belonging in the United States

Zachery Vaughn, Lesa Major

Impact of Game Play on Friendship

Mandy Reed, Kelsey Prena, Sharlene Newman, Ted Castronova

Setbacks and Step-ups in Video Game Play

Kelsey Prena, Andrew Weaver, Sharlene Newman

Source Credibility in Science News

Ryan Comfort, James Shanahan

Dynamics in Social-viewing Context

Jingjing Han, Yang Shi, Xia Zheng, Annie Lang

The Effect of Couple Imagery in Advertising

Shu Han Hsu, Robert F. Potter

Motivational Systems and Attitudes

Xia Zheng, Jingjing Han, Annie Lang

Responses to Music Listening

Joshua Sites, Robert F. Potter

Content Analysis of Features in the Pictures of the Year International Competition

Jennifer Midberry, Ryan Comfort, Joe Roskos

National Television Violence Study update project

Nicole Martins, Karyn Riddle


Trait Motivational Reactivity and Social Attitudes

Xia Zheng, Anthony Almond, Harry Yan, Annie Lang

Psychophysiological Responses to Structure in Music

Joshua Sites, Ted Jamison-Koenig, Robert F. Potter

Physiological Response to Normed and Personal Songs

Robert F. Potter, Claire Dudek, Alexis Newman, Sharon Mayell

Employee Word-of-Mouth, Corporate Reputation & External Stakeholder Engagement

Minjeong Kang

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