Current Research


News and Message Effectiveness

Xia Zheng, Rob Potter

John Oliver Memory Study

Julia Fox, Lucia Cores-Sarria, Wil Dubree, McCall Booth, Arianna Eiler, Grayson Schabel

Video Viewing Study

Yuki Lin, Rob Potter


Understanding the Effects of Videogame Play

Mark Alberta, Andrew Weaver

Musical Communication

Peter Miksza and Rob Potter, Xan Smith, McCall Booth, Wil Dubree

Continuous & Summative Responses to Music Intensity and Complexity

Ted Jamison-Koenig, Rob Potter

Message Ratings

Xia Zheng, Rob Potter

Narrative Arc and Engagement in Film

Xu Zhang, Rob Potter

Impact of Hybrid Teaching on Higher Ed Learning

Wil Dubree and Lucia Cores Sarria

Nonbinary Players & Videogame Avatars

Xan Smith

Representativeness of Online Comments

Seung Woo Chae and James Shanahan

Media Trust

ME (Betsi) Grabe

Attitudes toward Music

Robert F. Potter


Cognitive & Emotional Responses to Film Form

Lucia Cores Sarria

The Sorting Task

Nathan Geiger and Mike Gruszczynski

Influence of Expert vs Non-expert Views on the Perception of Threat from Covid and Threat from Climate Change

Nathan Geiger

Risk Communication in a Pandemic

Esi Eduwaa Thompson

Focused on Distractions Game Study

Joshua Jordan, John Velez

Race, Attitudes, and Perception via Virtual Reality Headset

Haley Hatfield, Yuqian (Neil) Ni, Rob Potter

Communication in Indigenous Natural Resources Management

Ryan Comfort, Jim Shanahan

Rating the Emotional Value of Videos

Lucia Cores-Sarria, Wil Dubree, Annie Lang

Political Identity and Influence

Nathan Geiger, Mike Gruszczynski


Emotional Flow and Continuous Response Measure Validity Test

Ramon Queiroz Marlet, Rob Potter, Daisy Robles-Magallanes

Happiness Paradox

Harry Yan

Cognitive Processing of Discrete Musical Features

Josh Sites, Julia Fox

Correlations between Personality Type and Moral Foundations

Mark Alberta, John Velez

Player Experience of Digital & Physical Games

John Velez, Seung Woo Chae, Ken Rosenberg, Haley Hatfield, Walker Williams, Zoe Foote, Neil Ni

Social Transmission of Polarizing Content

Jason Peifer

Motivational System and Political Attitudes

Xia Zheng, Jingjing Han, Annie Lang

Cognitive Processing of Sexually-explicit Video

Yanyan Zhou, Bryant Paul

Expectation about Reciprocity/Media-Related Internships

John Velez, Seung Woo Chae, Robert F. Potter

Media and Emotion – Threat Conditioning

Mike Gruszczynski

Psychological Effects of Camera in Film

Lucia Cores Sarria, Wil Dubree, Annie Lang

Social Bots Perception Study

Harry Yan, Filippo Menczer

Social Media Discussion of #MeToo

Hyun Koo, Danielle Kilgo

Young Adults Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes Survey

Niki Fritz, Lesa Major

Examining the Moderating Effect of Website Social Identification on Persuasive Message Context, Message Processing, and Attitude Change

Brent Hale, Andrew Weaver

Selfie Editing and Self-Objectification Among Young Chinese Women

Hongtao Hao, Nicole Martins


Assessment of Models in Magazine Ads

Glenna L. Read, Robert F. Potter, Madelyn Potter, Elisabeth Dunn, Sharon Mayell, Mona Malacane Clay

Ratings of Basketball Games

Jingjing Han, Annie Lang

Doin’ It For The Culture: Defining Blackness, Culture, & Identity on Black Twitter

Katrina Overby, Radhika Parameswaran

Facebook and Privacy

Allison Brown

The Gift of Friendship: Farmville 2’s Effect on Prosocial Behavior

Kristin Linder, Bryant Paul

Framing Refugees: Broadcast News & Audience Perceptions of National Belonging in the United States

Zachery Vaughn, Lesa Major

Impact of Game Play on Friendship

Mandy Reed, Kelsey Prena, Sharlene Newman, Ted Castronova

Setbacks and Step-ups in Video Game Play

Kelsey Prena, Andrew Weaver, Sharlene Newman

Source Credibility in Science News

Ryan Comfort, James Shanahan

Dynamics in Social-viewing Context

Jingjing Han, Yang Shi, Xia Zheng, Annie Lang

The Effect of Couple Imagery in Advertising

Shu Han Hsu, Robert F. Potter

Responses to Music Listening

Joshua Sites, Robert F. Potter

National Television Violence Study update project

Nicole Martins, Karyn Riddle

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